This is a personal blog written and published by me, Joanna Paterson.

It has been built from words, blog posts and photographs over the course of the last six years or so, its pattern and shape ever changing, ever evolving.

The blog is about learning to notice, and tell. For me this is mainly through the practice of photography, and short form writing. So it’s partly a place for me to share the ‘art’ that flows from that kind of noticing, but more importantly it’s a reflection on how things might change for you or for others as a result of your deciding to pay a different kind of attention.

(And it’s often about the challenges and resistance that go hand in hand with the development of a regular practice, or any kind of creative work that you choose to share.)

The everyday bit is important, for me, both as something I aim to practice each day, but mainly in that I believe this kind of practice is something essentially human, and ordinary, and everyday, that should be open to all of us.

It’s shared through the medium of a blog, as part of the learning (for me) about how to not just notice but also share what I see. To pass it on. And because I still have some idealistic hopes that blogging too offers the hope of something democratic, and human and ordinary, that remains open to many of us, an opportunity which we shouldn’t give up on.

I work part time as an administrator in the college sector in Scotland, and am a part time student of the Gaelic language. The rest of the time I love to get outside, and take photographs.